Voluntary Action: A human adventure

Veolia current employees are the lynchpin of the Foundation, which relies on their voluntary commitment to serve people in need. Veolia employees support projects and contribute their know-how as sponsors or volunteers. Volunteers are Veolia employees ready to travel anywhere in the world to place their experience and skills at the service of others.

These 500 volunteers make up the Veoliaforce network. At the request of international humanitarian organizations they: 

Veoliaforce, the emergency logisticians
The Veolia foundation’s role is to provide drinking water as quickly as possible to affected populations during major disasters. These emergency ...

  • Intervene following a disaster or to sustainably improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities;
  • Harness the expertise of the Veolia business activity for which they work: Water, Energy, Waste;
  • Act during their working hours and are paid by Veolia. The Foundation handles the logistics and their travel expenses, and finances the equipment, which is usually left on the spot.

The Foundation sends its volunteer experts and equipment to:

  • Provide emergency humanitarian aid and secure the sanitary environment after a natural disaster;
  • Assist development projects providing access to essential services supported by the Foundation.

Sponsors act as the link between the partner - the project leader – and the Foundation. They:

  • Meet regularly with the project leader
  • Check that the initiative complies with the Foundation's criteria;
  • Assess the project's technical and financial feasibility and assist the project leader throughout the grant application process;
  • Monitor the project through to final evaluation

Becoming a volunteer
To get involved as a Veoliaforce volunteer, please complete one of the following forms:
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Key figures:

One sponsor per project

500 volunteers in the Veoliaforce network

More than 150 skills sponsorship missions