Missions and Commitments

Serving outreach and human development

Since 2004, the Foundation has been supporting community-oriented, non-profit projects across the world. It focuses on three areas of action:
Its operating approach is grounded in:
  • Strong personal commitment by Veolia employees (volunteers and sponsors);
  • Construction of high-quality partnerships;
  • The search for innovation by encouraging creation of high-impact and replicable models.
The Foundation supports a limited selection of projects on a medium- or long-term basis. All these projects are led by previously identified partners and sponsored by employees. It does not therefore consider projects submitted directly outside this framework.

Every year:  

A budget of €2 million

30 projects on average

10 missions on average



​Since 2004 :

1,350 projects supported

150 skills volunteering missions in the field

€47 million in funding awarded