Emergency Missions

How the Foundation responds to emergencies when a disaster strikes.

Who acts?

The volunteers of the Veoliaforce network, which includes the employee volunteers of Veolia from the Company's three divisions, who want to offer the benefit of their professional skills and expertise.

These employees are trained to act. During training courses, they acquire the latest techniques of emergency action, and learn to work together in simulated field conditions.


When the Foundation is approached by one of the players in international outreach, like the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Red Cross, Solidarités, Première Urgence, Action contre la faim, or Secours Catholique, for whom it has become a privileged interlocutor over the years.

The Foundation also formalized its cooperation with UNICEF in April 2009, by signing a stand-by partner agreement with the UN agency. Veoliaforce volunteers can therefore be mobilized at any time in case of a humanitarian crisis, to provide UNICEF with their skills and to supply drinking water to the disaster victims.

To do what?

The primary aim of Veoliaforce volunteers during an emergency mission is to secure the health environment promptly by providing solutions. After an earthquake, a hurricane, a tsunami, the most pressing need is to prevent calamitous sanitary conditions from raising the toll of victims. The survivors must be saved, by rapidly ensuring access to water, restoring energy supply, handling waste disposal and treatment, and assisting the transport of food and equipment.

The Company has the expertise to address these tasks.

With what equipment?

With equipment designed and adapted to the emergency.

When Veoliaforce volunteers are not actually grappling with an emergency, they help the Foundation all year long to conduct research and development applied to humanitarian action, in order to optimize the action resources and their performance.

Aquaforce 500:

Aquaforce 500 EN Light

Aquaforce 5000:

Aquaforce 5000 ENG Light

Learn more about Veoliaforce with this video:

Veoliaforce volunteers are employees of Veolia who are ready to travel to the four corners of the Earth to place their experience and expertise at the service of others


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Examples of emergency missions

Central African Republic, December 2009
Last December, a multi-ethnic conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo sparked massive population movements: 80,000 to 100,000 persons fled across the border to Congo Brazzaville and the Central African Republic.

Water for refugees
Water for refugees
Haiti, January 2010
The Veolia Environnement Foundation went into action immediately after the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. In partnership with French Red Cross.

3 years of action in Haïti

3 years of action in Haïti