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Applying for a grant

Ten years after it was created, the Foundation is embarking on a radical shift in a world that is itself in constant flux.

To keep step with this changing environment, it is refocusing its support on long-term projects that require the skills of our volunteers and the strong involvement of Veolia employees acting as sponsors.

  • For development aid and humanitarian emergencies, we will be concentrating on projects in specific geographical regions such as Africa and Asia where the Foundation is already involved in major programs.
  • For projects in the field of social inclusion through work and social links, we will be concentrating on regions and areas where Group employees are based, so as to harness skills more effectively and facilitate sponsor engagement.
  • For environmental conservation and biodiversity projects, we will focus more particularly on restoration of very degraded coastal and sub-Sahelian eco-systems.

Thanks to its experience, the Foundation has a strong network of partners and will now be relying on it to discover innovative projects. Other such projects will be introduced by Group employees, our future sponsors.

Selection criteria

Our criteria for selecting projects remain the same:

Nature of the projects

The Foundation acts within the framework of corporate philanthropy to support community-oriented, not-profit initiatives in the following areas of action:

  • Development aid and humanitarian emergencies
  • Social inclusion through work and social links
  • Environmental conservation and biodiversity

Unlike other types of sponsoring or patronage, no commercial gain is sought in return for the financial assistance granted.

Project leaders

They are generally international outreach organizations (NGOs), structures active in the social and inclusive economy, and institutions. The Foundation does not award grants for projects that are personally led by a Company employee.

Employee involvement

The Foundation only supports projects that are sponsored by a Veolia employee.

These sponsors are active or retired employees who work with the Foundation to examine, monitor and assess projects and act as its key contacts in the field. They give up their time and use their know-how to contribute to the success of the project.

Employee involvement is a criterion of particular importance for the Foundation.

Project assessment and feasibility

The Foundation ensures that project leaders provide a clear description of how they will use the grant for which they have applied, including information about the targets to be met and indicators to assess the impact of its support.

It pays close attention to the technical and financial feasibility of each project, the experience of the project leader and the quality of its partners. It gives priority to projects that are original, set an example and can be replicated.

Nature and amount of the grant

The Foundation considers all requests, regardless of scale. There is no maximum or minimum limit to the amount of the grant, which is intended to supplement public subsidies or other private grants and the organization's own resources. The Foundation's aim is to give project leaders additional leverage through grants intended primarily to cover investment expenditures, whether tangible or intangible, rather than salaries.

Guided by a desire for social innovation, the Foundation supports experimental initiatives and feasibility studies to contribute to the emergence of ambitious new projects.

Selection of projects

After examination by the Foundation, the projects are submitted to the Selection Committee (for grants of under€150,000) or the Board of Directors (for grants above €150,000). They decide which projects will be supported and the amount of the grant.

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